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33’/10m of 3/8”/1cm pre-cut strips allow adhesives to be applied in curves and circles or adhere the tiniest of die-cuts and embellishments. 

•Mix & Match any MyStik® Refill with all MyStik® Dispensers!
•Decorate and personalise
•Choose from 3 different positions ensuring that MyStik® fits your comfort or purpose!
•Built-in adhesive protector unlike any other dispenser. When closed no fibres, scraps or glitter can come in contact with adhesive.

MyStik® Permanent Strips - Refill - Out of Stock

  • Seal of Quality by 3L Sure, this sounds important and technical, but what does it really mean? We are able to guarantee that our adhesives will help in keeping all your projects safe. In short, by making sure all our adhesives are thoroughly tested and approved with the ISO 18932 standard test methods*. Just because a product says it is archival safe, or acid free, doesn’t mean it has actually been tested and approved safe for your paper crafts! The best way to keep your creations safe is to know the basics. The Quality Seal on each individual product packaging is our promise and your guarantee for a great and thoroughly tested product. •Acid free - No weakening of paper or top-coating of photos •Archival safe - No reaction with typical craft materials like photos, paper or cardstock •Acrylic based adhesives - No bleeding through paper, or Rubber based adhesive - High flexibility •Lignin free - No yellowing of paper •ISO 18916 (PAT) - Photographic Activity Test, tested and approved •ISO 18932 - Imaging materials - adhesives mounting systems, aging tested adhesive ISO means "International Organization for Standardization". The ISO standards is your guarantee that all products have the same high level of quality and that they are continuously tested. Please click on this link to read more about ISO: *From a definition standpoint we are aware, that our repositionable and removable adhesives do not have to be tested in this permanent category ISO 18932 standard. The repositionable and removable features of our adhesives have been developed to meet our creative customers' specific requests. As high quality and endurance of our products are of great importance to us, it is our wish that all our products regardless of peel requirements are tested by the same standard.
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